Community Mentoring

Community Mentoring 

This project aims to extend the existing mentoring programmes within the cluster HEIs, and through an inter-institutional and cross-community approach, harness the power of access students and graduates to support the development of bridging capital. A mentoring toolkit and database will be developed, and an annual Summit for Access Mentors will take place.

The Community Mentoring (CM) programme is a unique inter-institutional and community-based mentoring programme that is comprised of Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology (IADT), Marino Institute of Education (MIE), Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and University College Dublin (UCD).

Community Mentors are a valuable community resource, who can help to share information and advice about their college experience, to help prospective students build their awareness of college courses, how to apply, and the benefits of a college education. Community Mentors are drawn from the following under-represented groups at third-level:

  • Mature students
  • Further education and training (FET) entrant
  • Under-represented socio-economic group
  • Students with a disability
  • Students from an ethnic minority group
  • Lone parents
  • 1916 bursary recipients

While Community Mentoring will increase mentees’ confidence in relation to higher education, Community Mentoring ultimately, at the highest-level, aims to improve the levels of diversity in higher education and increase equity of access for all communities in Dublin.

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